Redeeming Parenting Failures

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Hey, homeschoolers! You've been there. You've blown it with your kids. Maybe you lost your temper or disciplined in a way that you're not proud of. In this episode, my guest and I will discuss how to redeem those parenting failures. Before I introduce Andee Martineau, I want to be clear about my perspective on discipline. It is first of all grounded in God's Word.

But whether families share my faith or not, I believe they have to determine which discipline approach is right for them. I do think there are challenges that come with extremes in discipline — too hard and too soft. But there is a lot of room between the extremes to find what works for you. Parents who discipline in the middle of the extremes want a strong relationship with their kids because they know their influence is most likely to result in happy, successful kids. Andee Martineau and I share that perspective. We have a different philosophy on correction, but I appreciate that her approach has worked for her and may work for you, especially if you've had a too-hard discipline approach.

Andee Martineau is a parenting coach who specializes in helping parents raise their kids without yelling, ultimatums, or bribes. Using her Connect Method Parenting techniques, she has taught thousands of parents to feel more in control of family life, stress less, get their kids to listen, and more.

Here's my conversation with Andee.

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Podcast Summary

In this conversation, Andee Martineau shares her experiences and insights on parenting and homeschooling. She discusses the reasons for choosing homeschooling and the challenges and learning experiences that come with it. Andee also talks about examples of parenting failures and the patterns that can lead to these failures. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and challenging thought patterns to break free from negative cycles. In this conversation, Andee Martineau shares valuable insights on parenting and building strong relationships with children. She emphasizes the importance of understanding our own triggers and nervous system, investing intentional time in the relationship with our children, and balancing quality attention and connection. Andee also highlights the significance of connecting with our children for connection's sake, creating safety and maintaining connection during conflict, and redeeming parenting failures with curiosity and compassion.

Andee Martineau Resources

Connect Method Parenting book



Have a happy homeschool week!

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