How We Prepare for College as Homeschoolers

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Do you wonder how to prepare your kids for college? If so, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I hope that’s a relief. Instead, in this episode, I’ll share our experience with college, so you’ll have more information to make the best choices for your family.

Hey, homeschoolers! This week I am taking child number five and my only daughter to college. Even though I have three college graduates who have had good experiences, I don’t imagine that I’ve done everything the right way, or that I have the right to tell you what to do.

Every family and every student and even every year is unique as the pandemic has taught us. But I do want to share our story with you because it may help you in college choices and preparation. The other reason I want to share our story is because so many people (including homeschoolers) have been surprised by a particular aspect of our decisions around college.

I’m going to jump right in as though we’re having a chat at a coffee shop. I’m not going to give you six simple tips as I often do, but I’m going to tell you how we got to the place of sending homeschooler #5 to college. If we were actually in a coffee shop, you could stop and ask me questions. Using this format, though, you’re going to have to comment, email, or message me with questions instead.

I will start with a disclaimer: College isn’t for everyone.

  • We are sending our children for their goals at this time in our culture
  • I didn’t originally intend for the kids to attend college in person
  • Homeschoolers can and do get an excellent education outside of college classes

In this episode I share:

  • Factors that affected our college decision
  • Our kids' college choices
  • The advantages of having our kids attend the same in-state university

Some issues we have discussed with our kids as they begin their college years:

  • How often we expect to hear from them
  • The dangers of and our beliefs about alcohol/ drugs/ premarital sex
  • Our expectation that they will study and be focused on keeping a high GPA
  • Pros and cons of fraternities/sororities
  • Travel plans for breaks
  • Which expenses are our kids’ responsibility


Has everything been perfect with our kids’ college experience? No. But we are satisfied with the choices we have made for our particular kids at this time.

I pray that something I shared helps you as you consider college for your homeschoolers.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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