Chicken Keeping in Your Homeschool

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Hey, homeschoolers! If you've ever considered raising chickens, you'll love this episode. I live in a suburb where chickens aren't allowed, but we had chickens for several years when I was in elementary school. I absolutely loved what my guest, Dalia Monterroso had to say about raising chickens as a homeschool family.

Dalia Monterroso is a chicken keeper and a popular teacher on the basics of backyard chicken keeping. She speaks and teaches classes on the joys of chicken keeping. She is the creator of the website and YouTube channel “Welcome to Chickenlandia”, podcast “Bawk Tawk”, and an online course called “Chickenlandia's Backyard Chickens 101”. She also hosted a TEDx talk titled “I Dream of Chickens”

Dalia is the author of the book, “Let's All Keep Chickens! The Down-to-Earth Guide to Natural Practices for Healthier Birds and a Happier World“, a comprehensive guide for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers. The book has also gained popularity among homeschooling families, who appreciate its educational value as part of their learning curriculum. Dalia lives in Bellingham, Washington with her family, continuing her mission to share the joy and simplicity of chicken keeping to the world. 

Here's my chat with Dalia.

In this episode, host Melanie Wilson explores the world of chicken keeping and its unexpected connections to homeschooling. She engages in a fascinating conversation with Dalia Monterroso, founder of Chickenlandia, a resource hub for chicken enthusiasts. Dalia shares insights into the joys of raising chickens and the valuable life lessons they offer.

Part 1: The Intersection of Chickens and Homeschooling
The discussion kicks off with Dalia explaining the intersection between chicken keeping and homeschooling. She highlights the parallels between caring for chickens and educating children, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and staying true to one's instincts in both endeavors.

Part 2: Mindful Chicken Keeping and Life Lessons
Dalia introduces the concept of mindful chicken keeping, sharing her six rules that translate into valuable life lessons. Listening to intuition, learning from mistakes, and trusting one's heart are emphasized as crucial skills not only in chicken keeping but in life as well.

Part 3: Bridging the Gap with Chickens
The conversation takes an interesting turn as Dalia discusses how chickens help individuals connect with nature and each other. She delves into the therapeutic aspects of caring for these animals, promoting a deeper understanding of one's roots and fostering compassion for others.

Part 4: Spreading Peace and Joy Through Chickens
Dalia shares her vision of chickens as a common denominator across cultures, promoting unity in a world often divided. She emphasizes the simplicity and universality of chicken keeping, encouraging listeners to focus on shared experiences and find joy in the commonality of caring for these feathered friends.

Part 5: Resources and Courses by Chickenlandia
To wrap up the episode, Dalia directs listeners to Chickenlandia's resources, including her online course, book, YouTube channel (Welcome to Chickenlandia), and podcast (Bawk Talk). She invites individuals to explore the wealth of information available on

Melanie expresses gratitude to Dalia for sharing her insights, wisdom, and passion for chickens. The episode serves as an eye-opener, illustrating the unexpected connections between chicken keeping and homeschooling, fostering a deeper appreciation for both pursuits.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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