TOHL Resources

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Week 1: Daily Devotions
Change Your Life Daily Bible

My Partner Prayer Notebook

Let Prayer Change Your Life

Character Building for Families

John MacArthur Study Bible

Streams in the Desert

Week 2: Daily Routine


Managers of Their Homes

The House That Cleans Itself

Home Routines app

Magnetic Frames

Week 3: To-Do List Challenge


Do It Tomorrow

Getting Things Done

A Year of Living Productively

Week 4: Memory-Keeping Challenge

Photo Case

Acid-Free Storage Boxes

Oversized Storage Boxes

Project Life Scrapbooking

Artwork Frames

Creative Ways to Display Photos

Photo Scanner


Digital Photo Frame

External Hard Drive

Shutterfly Calendars

Organized Photos

Week 5: Decluttering

Where to Sell Used Curriculum

Decluttering at the Speed of Life

Sink Reflections

Sunday in Color: How to Declutter Your Home

Week 6: Computer


External Hard Drive

Safe Internet Browsing for Kids

Speed Up Windows PC

Speed Up Mac

Bit Literacy

Organized Desktop Wallpaper

Week 7: Marriage

Questions to Assess Marriage

Perfect Circle

Dr. McCulloch interview

Date night ideas

Family Life marriage weekend

Love and Respect Marriage Conference

The 5 Love Languages

Week 8: Parent

Doorposts Family Circle

Scratch-off Valentines

Week 9: Extended Family

Grandparents involved in homeschooling

Week 10: Spring

Spring Bucket List

Laminating Machine

Garden Unit Study



Week 11: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Printable

History of Spring Cleaning

Spring decor ideas

Spring crafts for kids

Week 12: Easter

Amish Breakfast Casserole

Resurrection Cookies

Christ in the Passover

Easter learning activities


Gift list for kids

Week 13: Church

Feed My Starving Children

Acts of Service Jar

Service Ideas

Toddler service ideas

Giving bank

Apps that track allowance and chores

Week 14: Chores

Age-appropriate chores


Tips for Cleaning with Kids

Week 15: Finances

Dave Ramsey books for kids

Dave Ramsey finance courses

George Muller biography

Money Saving Mom

Blogging as a Business with Jimmie Lanley (now Quick)

Micro Business for Teens

Large Wall Thermometer

Savings Goal ATM

Crown Financial

Week 16: Curriculum

Kids' Curriculum Evaluation

Parents' Curriculum Change Evaluation

How to Choose: Changing Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum Shopping Organizer

Cathy Duffy reviews

Rainbow Resource

Homeschool Sanity Facebook page

Curriculum Shopping List

Homeschool Shopping List Pinterest Board

Organized Homeschool Pinterest Board

Week 17: Friendship

May Day basket printable

May Day candy flowers project

Candy flower cups

May Day plantable flowers

Week 18: Family Celebrations

Party Fun with Kids Pinterest board

Greeting cards with organizer

Send Out Cards

Gift Planning Apps

Week 19: Organized Clothing

How I Decluttered My Clothes

Week 20: Vacation

Staycation Ideas

Customizable Packing List

Ultimate Family Packing List

Toiletry Bag

Week 21: Summer

Summer Bucket List

Kids' Summer Bucket Lists

Summer Bridge Activities

A Plan in Place Planners

Week 22: Outdoor Activities

Multiple Bike Rack

Water Bottles


Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Sports Organizer

Bulzibucket game


Week 23: Used Curriculum

The Best Places to Buy, Sell, Donate, or Borrow Used Curriculum

Bonavendi for price comparisons

Homeschool Support Groups Near You

Homeschool Classifieds

Homeschool Used Curriculum Swap on Facebook

Homeschool Buy Sell Trade on Facebook

Yellow House Book Rental

Used Homeschool

Where to Buy Used Curriculum